The advantages of silicone sports water bottles

Advantages of silicone sports water bottles:

1. Food-grade silica gel +PP material, free from any harmful substances, non-toxic and tasteless

2. The silica gel is soft and can be folded up after drinking. It can be fixed with the binding belt of bottle neck

Light weight, only over 100 grams of bottle, outdoor sports travel refused to be heavy!

4. The silicone material is shockproof, wear-resistant and durable, resistant to high and low temperatures, reusable, safe and environmentally friendly

5. Leakproof design of bottle cap + ultrasonic seamless welding, allowing you to exercise without leakage

6. Personalized, customized color and silk printed logo

Seeing the outdoor sports equipment introduced to you - silicone folding water bottles, you are not eager to buy, especially outdoor sports equipment shop owners, faced with such a good

silicone folding water bottles, do not buy some, to seize the market first?

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